NMLS numbers

NMLS Numbers

The SAFE Act (Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act) requires that all mortgage loan originators register with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS). Once registered, each mortgage loan originator is assigned an NMLS Unique Identifier (NMLS ID), which is a permanent number that allows consumers, regulators and others in the industry to obtain information on registered mortgage loan originators through the NMLS Consumer Access website (NMLSConsumerAccess.org).

Your personal mortgage loan originator will provide his/her NMLS ID to you in a variety of methods during the lending process. Here is a list of Bank of Commerce's registered mortgage loan originators:

Bank of Commerce -405284

Amanda J Ballard - 1533905

Shannan Mae Bellamy - 1166694

Brianallen William Bermingham - 488684

Rebecca (Becky) Jean Blackburn - 1269208

Andrea Joyce Flippen - 1664615

Vivian Marie Campbell - 1164402

Joe Bruce Carson - 1383077

Rebecca N (Nichole) Clark - 1470076

Brian D Davis - 704154

Frank Edward Farmer Jr - 762194

David J Ferrell - 454879

Karen Lee Gentry - 1160988

Shelly Kay Hall - 490738

Jeremy T Montgomery - 850041

Ruth A Moore - 1601864

Joe David Morris - 488695

Shelly Denise Sallee - 1164429

William Lance Shenold - 780510

Donald Alan Sing - 839704

Curtis Allen Thornton - 488641